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Sharing More Than Time

It was last fall that I spent a week with my friends Michael and Linda in Colorado Springs. Michael’s father is a successful lawyer and...
Stripper Stories

Sex on the Beach

My college roommate Kevin and I spent the Spring Break of our sophomore year down in the Caribbean. While there, we met Paige, a cute...
Stripper Stories


Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I work with a large public relations firm here in Miami. I’m in charge of helping the firms clients...
Stripper Stories


She looked at me, one eyebrow arched higher than the other. “I want to tie you up,” she said. I was lying in bed with...
Stripper Stories


After a terrible start, this past New Year’s Eve turned out to be the most incredible sexual night of my life. If this is any...
Stripper Stories

Remembering the First Time

I remember the first time I tied Don up. We’d only been seeing each other for a couple of months before he told me that...
Stripper Stories

Relaxing Dinner

It was an exhausting day. I’d scheduled my classes so that I was free on Tuesday and Thursday, but that meant that I was really...

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