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Remembering the First Time

I remember the first time I tied Don up. We’d only been seeing each other for a couple of months before he told me that he wanted me to tie him to my bed. At first I thought he was a crazy pervert. But the more I thought about it, the more I was turned on by the idea.

It was after I had tied him to the bed and I had planted my pussy on his face that I really decided that I liked the control that tying up my boyfriend gave to me. I was holding his head as I sat on his face. His tongue was pure magic on my pussy and I was coming and coming. It was fantastic!

After Don brought me to one mind-shattering orgasm, I at first thought that I should do the same for him. But then I realized that he was completely under my power; that he wouldn’t come unless I wanted him to. So, with a deep breath, I knelt up over his face again. His tongue probed my pussy expertly, knowing my lines and curves, quickly bringing me to a second climax. As the waves of pleasure washed over and through my body, I looked down at my boyfriend.

He was tied, spread eagle and on his back, to my bed. I’d used some old silk scarves to secure his arms and legs and a belt from one of my robes to blindfold him. I was careful when tying him to make sure his blood circulation was all right, but made sure that he would be unable to move. I gave him just what he wanted by making him completely helpless and subject to my every whim.

And right then, my whim was for him to lick my pussy until I came. He’d already brought me to orgasm twice with his mouth and I wanted more. I love receiving oral sex, and it seems that every guy I’m with has problems putting his mouth there. Don was different than most guys and had no problem licking my pussy. And with him tied up, I was going to get as much oral sex as I could stand.

After my fifth orgasm on Don’s face, I felt bad for him. He was just lying there with his dick as hard as a rock. I moved off of him and kissed his forehead. He smiled, unable to see me at all.

I kissed down his body, stopping at each of his small nipples. I drew them into my mouth and roughly bit them. He responded by moaning loudly and arching his back. I could tell that he wanted me to go down on him, but I wasn’t ready for that.

I moved my mouth from one of his nipples to the other and back again. I teased them as I gently took his dick in my hand and slowly pumped it. I felt the moisture of the pre-cum oozing from the tip and massaged girls stripping it into its head. Don was moaning at my touch, clearly wanting me to do more. He was writing on the bed as much as his binds would allow, trying to move his body into a position from which he could cum.

I moved down his body and cupped his dick with my breasts. I have fairly large breasts and Don’s dick fit nicely in their valley. Up and down I pushed my breasts on his dick before lightly kissing the top of it. At the touch of my mouth, Don groaned loudly and I thought he was going to cum right there. I pulled completely away from him, kneeling in between his legs.

After a moment passed, I leaned over and brought the tip of his dick into my mouth. I didn’t touch it with anything but my mouth, swirling my tongue all over the head. Slowly I worked my way down its length, swallowing as much of it as I could. Don was moaning in ecstasy as I moved my mouth up and down his rigid dick. I could taste his pre-cum and knew that he wasn’t far from shooting his load, so I completely pulled away from him again.

Grinning to myself, I again placed my knees on either side of my head and lowered my pussy to his mouth again. I was so turned on that it only took what seemed like seconds before my pussy was pulsing and I was rocketing off on another orgasm.

I knew that Don was really ready to explode, so after he ate me to another wonderful climax, I straddled his hips and lowered myself onto his fat dick. I was so wet that he just slid right in without any resistance. I started bobbing up and down on it, shoving it in and out of my pussy. Don couldn’t take much and he quickly came inside of me, coating my inner walls with his cum.

After I untied him, Don thanked me very much and asked if I enjoyed tying him up. I think you know what I answered!



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