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After a terrible start, this past New Year’s Eve turned out to be the most incredible sexual night of my life. If this is any indication of how this year’s going to be, I’m going to be a very happy man.

You see, my wife, Kay and I went out with a friend of ours, Jim. We’d planned to hook up with some other friends of ours at a bar downtown and ring in the new year by drinking martinis and champagne. We didn’t make any reservations for dinner. We were going to play dinner by ear and just stop somewhere nice on the way downtown.

Well, to make a long story short, the first place we went had a wait of an hour and a half. We bailed on that and headed downtown to the bar. A really nice restaurant near the bar was set up with a special menu and exaggerated price. Then the bar turned out to be closed for a private party. At that point we drove by two more restaurants which were closed. Needless to say, it was a disaster.

We finally ended up at a sushi place, primarily because it was the only thing open. We drank sake and ate, complaining about our failed New Year’s Eve. Jim didn’t want to go home, so we decided to go back to our place and share some drinks and have a private party.

We got back just before they dropped the ball in Times Square. I opened a bottle of champagne and we drank, toasting the coming year. We polished off two bottles of champagne before Jim said that he should be heading home.

Kay walked Jim to the door, but before Jim could open it to leave, she pushed him up against the wall and started kissing him. I could see them passionately kissing each other from the kitchen and I smiled to myself. Kay and I have always talked about her having Jim, but she was always too nervous. I guess it was her New Year’s resolution to go ahead with it and not hold herself back. I don’t think the champagne hurt anything either.

I watched as Jim eased his hand under Kay’s blouse and began massaging her full breasts. My cock grew with excitement as I saw Kay sexily unbutton her white blouse to reveal her black lace bra. She reached behind her back and undid the clasp and the bra I like most for Kay to wear fell to the floor. Jim eagerly began pinching at her nipples and she returned the passion by rubbing the huge bulge in his pants.

Kay sank down onto her knees and began to pull at Jim’s belt. When she couldn’t get it undone, he helped her and soon Jim’s pants and underwear were around his ankles. My dick was throbbing insistently as I saw my beautiful wife suck Jim’s hard dick into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she stroked the length of his shaft with her hand. Jim was running his hands through Kay’s beautiful blonde hair and thrusting his hips into her face. My wife gives great head and I knew Jim wouldn’t be lasting long.

Kay brought him to the peak of orgasm and I knew he would soon be spurting his thick white come into her mouth. But before he came, Kay pulled away and stood up. “I’d like you to come to the bedroom and fuck my little pussy now,” she said in an innocently-sounding voice. She took Jim by the hand and asked: “would you mind fucking me?”

Jim replied: “not at all, baby. I’d love to fuck that pretty little blonde cunt. You’re sure Allen won’t mind?”

“No. He wants me to fuck you. He wants to watch as you spread my little pussy with your hard fat dick. And then fuck me hard until I come”

Jim said it was fine with him and Kay led him back to the bedroom. I raced after them and sat in a chair in the corner of the room as Kay lay down on our bed. I had my cock out in my hand and was stroking it while watching them. Kay spread her long legs and Jim immediately buried his face into her cunt. He licked and licked and I could tell that Kay was really into it. She kept telling Jim to “suck her cunt” and “stick his finger into her pussy.” She only talks like that when she’s really turned on.

Finally Jim couldn’t wait any longer and he positioned himself between my wife’s thighs. He thrust his dick into her and started pounding her with long and deep strokes. Then he pulled her legs onto his shoulders so that he could penetrate her more deeply. She was moaning loudly and I was pulling furiously on my cock, watching my friend fuck the shit out of my wife.

Finally Jim erupted inside Kay with a final thrust. They held their groins together as she milked every ounce of come out of his dick with her strong pussy muscles. Then he slowly slid off of her and turned to look at me.

“Man, you’re wife’s got a really hot cunt and she screws like a fucking slut wildcat. You don’t care if I get a little more from your little slut, do you?”

My grip on my cock increased as I said it was ok for him to fuck her as much as he wanted. Then he turned around and pulled Kay’s head onto his softening cock. She immediately took it into her mouth and within a few minutes had licked it to hardness again.

Kay pushed Jim onto his back and straddled his hips and sank her freshly-fucked pussy onto his pole. She began strip bouncing up and down in wild abandon. Then she motioned for me to come over to the bed.

With Jim’s cock buried deep in her cunt, she took the head of my dick into her mouth. As she fucked my friend, she began to give me the blowjob of my life. It wasn’t long before we were all coming: Kay onto Jim’s cock, Jim into my wife’s pussy and I down Kay’s throat.

Feeling completely spent we all collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Several hours later Jim got up and went home. The next morning Kay and I got up and fucked each other like crazy; she was so wet from Jim’s come that I felt that I was fucking air.

Later Kay asked if I was OK with what happened. She was embarrassed about how she’d acted and how she talked. I told her that I loved what happened and that I hoped she wouldn’t wait until New Year’s next year for it to happen again. She just looked at me and said that she didn’t think she could wait that long. It looks like this is going to be a very interesting year!


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