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She looked at me, one eyebrow arched higher than the other.

“I want to tie you up,” she said.

I was lying in bed with Annette. We had just made love and were lying next to each other, in each other’s arms, relaxing.

“Pardon me?” I replied. I’d fantasized about it, and I always found the idea of surrendering myself to Annette like that exciting. I just never thought she’d want to do it. “Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’m serious. I want to tie you up. You know, to tease you and torture you. In a good way, of course.” She smiled.

“Of course,” I replied.

Annette climbed on top of me, pushed my hands over my head and pinned them to the bed. Her body was straddling my chest. “Interested?” she asked.

“Well,” I stammered. “That depends. What would you do to me?”

A devious smile came over her face. “Anything I wanted,” was her reply.

I looked up at my beautiful wife’s face and gazed at the wicked grin she had. I knew that she wouldn’t do anything bad to me, so I said: “OK.”

“Cool!” Annette said as she bounded off the bed into the bathroom. I didn’t know what to expect until Annette returned with a handful of my old ties. I was sitting up in the bed, watching her.

“You mean right now?” I asked.

“Sure. Why? Do you have any burning plans for the rest of the night? I mean, something better than being helpless and at my mercy?” she said while grinning at me.

I looked at her, standing naked in the doorway to the bathroom. Annette is a very cute woman, with a lithe body, slender hips and full breasts that I love to suck. “I guess not,” I said as she walked over to me. She pushed me back onto the bed, straddling my chest again. One tie was looped around my right wrist and secured to the bedpost. Another tie was used to fasten my left wrist to the other post at the head of the bed. I simply lay there, unable to move either hand.

Annette knelt up, bringing her pussy to within inches of my face. I stuck my tongue out to taste her, but she was just beyond my reach. She laughed and said: “I guess you’ll never look at these ties the same way again. I hope you’ll remember this the next time you’re stuck in a long meeting!”

Annette then proceeded to securely tie my legs, spread eagle, to the two bedposts at the bottom of the bed. I lay there, naked, unable to move, with my cock standing rigidly at attention. Annette then lightly ran her hands up and down the length of my body, running her fingers tough the light hair on my chest and across my cock. Then she got off the bed and disappeared from the bedroom altogether.

She reappeared in about five minutes. Five excruciating minutes when I felt every hair on my body stand up on end. Five minutes of wondering what was to happen next. Five minutes of pure arousal with no hope of release. It was complete torture, and Annette wasn’t even in the room.

She reappeared carrying a small basket filled with items that I couldn’t see. She was sipping from a glass filled with ice water as she sat on the bed next to me. The basket and the glass were placed on the nightstand next to the table, out of my sight. Then, with one of her silk scarves suddenly appearing in her hand, she turned to face me. Holding the scarf slightly above my body, she trailed it along my body, concentrating on my nipples and thighs. Every pass brought it closer and closer to my erect cock, which jumped in anticipation. Finally, Annette took the scarf in her hand and firmly grasped my cock. She slowly started pumping it, and my hips pressed back against her hand. As I thought I was about to explode, Annette took the scarf and tied it around the base of my cock. It wasn’t tight enough to cut off my circulation, but it would certainly make my orgasm more difficult to reach.

Annette leaned over and kissed the tip of my cock. “We can’t have you coming too soon,” she said to it. “I’m just getting started.”

I groaned and pulled against the bonds. I was tied too tightly to escape.

Annette reached over to the basket and pulled out a hairbrush. Bristle-side down, she began to run across my body. Then she began concentrating on my cock. Each lightly-scratching stroke of the bristles against my cock caused me to groan. Waves of frustrating pleasure emanated from my cock through the rest of my body. Annette had me close to the edge of release and was determined to keep me there as long as she wanted. I groaned, wanting the release of orgasm.

Annette turned around and got up on top of me again, straddling my chest. She reached over to the nightstand to get her drink of water. She took a long sip, pulling one of the ice cubes into her mouth. She put down the glass and spit the ice cube into her hand, grinning down as I looked helplessly up at her.

The ice in her hand, Annette reached down to press it against my nipple. The shock of the cold against me was overwhelming. I closed my eyes and moaned with pure pleasure. It was like cold fire exploding from my chest straight to my cock. Just as suddenly as the sensation had hit, Annette took the ice cube away. Then she touched it to my other nipple, and the want of release shot through my body again. Then she moved down between my legs, careful not to touch my cock at all. She held the ice cube and traced it along the muscles of my chest. It felt like I was being split open. The cold of the ice, combined with the trail of water it left along my body as it melted, was unbearable.

When the ice was completely melted on my body, Annette again straddled my chest. She moved her pussy closer and closer to my face. She sighed as she settled her weight down around my head and my tongue snaked up to kiss her. I lapped eagerly at her pussy, seeking out the soft folds of her flesh. She was so incredibly wet; and I realized that she was teasing herself as much as me as she tormented my helpless body. I buried my head between her thighs, pulling her clitoris into my mouth where I firmly sucked on it. Her hips were gyrating and pushing against me as an intense orgasm rocked through her body.

She sat back against my chest to catch her breath. “That was really nice,” she said. “Now do it again.”

She raised her body up to my face again and I started licking and sucking every inch of her flesh within reach. For a second time, I pushed apart the folds of her pussy with my tongue, seeking her hard clitoris. As she ground herself onto my face, I tongued her engorged clit and she came again.

Annette moved down my body until her pussy was just at the tip of my erect cock. As much as I tried to enter her, she stayed just out of reach. Finally, she lowered her hips until I felt the soft hair of her pussy against the head of my cock.

“Do you want this now?” She said, pulling away from me.

I could barely answer her. Groaning, I said: “yes.”

Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock until the entire length was inside her. Then she stared moving up and down in short strokes. I was pulling against the ties, trying to plunge deeper and harder into her. Nothing I did helped; I was completely at Annette’s whim. Then Annette’s strokes became longer and faster and I started to feel the release that I had been craving for so long. The pressure in my groin grew steadily and then reached the bursting point. I cried out as the first waves of the most intense orgasm in my life overpowered me.

Annette slowly crawled off my body and untied my arms. I lay there with her holding me, both of us panting, before sitting up to untie my legs. Then I took my wife in my arms and held her close to me.

“Was that OK?” she asked.

“I think it was just fine,” I answered.


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