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Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I work with a large public relations firm here in Miami. I’m in charge of helping the firms clients establish a functional and effective web presence and so on. I’m no code monkey, but am more a sort of project manager. It’s fun work and it allows me to surf the web a lot, which is how I cam across your site.

I guess I should describe myself. Well, I’m 23, and only five feet tall with slate-colored eyes. I have long blonde hair which falls down to just below my shoulders. I work on it a lot and it’s usually pretty curly. I weigh around 104 pounds and have small breasts that I really wish were larger. I work out a bunch and have no problem walking around in a bikini. I particularly enjoy windsurfing and hanging out on the beach.

I’m also a very sexual person, and I think that I’m a lot more sexual than the people around me. I’ve had flings with both men and women, and it has always been a fantasy of mine to have a threesome with another woman and a man. I never really acted on it I guess reading these stories and your experiences helped me finally go for it.

I was sitting at a sidewalk bar in Coconut Grove when I saw Alice walk by. I love going to Coconut Grove to watch the tourists. They’ll go eat at the Planet Hollywood or some other trap and then go home thinking they’ve seen the best that Miami has to offer. The beach and Planet Hollywood. That’s it for them. They won’t look at the beautiful art deco architecture or anything else. There are parts of Miami that are absolutely so beautiful that the tourists completely miss. I find that very funny.

Anyway, I saw Alice. Alice and I went to high school together and hung around in the same circle of friends. I think she even ended up dating some ex-boyfriend of mine – you know that kind of circle of friends where everyone ultimately ends up with everyone else at some point. But I had stayed in Miami for college and she had gone somewhere out west and we just lost contact with each other.

I yelled at her from the bar. She turned, saw me, waved and shouted hello. I invited her in and within a few moments, she was sitting next to me at a small circular marble cafй table drinking coffee while I sipped a Jack and Coke. We chatted and I learned that she’d been back in town for only a few months. Her apartment, it turned out, was also just down the street from mine. She was also living with her husband, Max, who was an assistant manager at a local hotel. Alice stayed with me for about half an hour before she had to go. Before she left me, though, she invited me over for dinner and Free virtual strippers .

Well, it turned out that later that day I ended up in a car accident (the other guy’s fault) and wasn’t able to make it over for dinner. We made new plans which, ultimately, they had to cancel. Finally, Alice had the idea of eating at Max’s hotel, which we finally agreed to do.

Max works at one of the higher-end hotels near the beach, and it was great to have dinner there. All of their chefs are European and the food was absolutely fantastic. The wine wasn’t bad either. All in all, it was a fantastic meal. But all throughout dinner, I kept wondering what it would take to join them in bed. I think Alice is incredibly sexy and Max really fir my type well: he’s at least six feet two with short dark hair and beautiful eyes.

After we finished eating, we went up to the hotel bar for drinks. I was feeling both a little tipsy and pretty aroused. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably drank more than I should have, but I was trying to gather up the courage to invite myself into their bedroom. From how Max was eyeing me at dinner, I didn’t think he’d mind too much. I was more worried about Alice. She’d always struck me as somewhat of a prude in high school. But since I hadn’t seen her in several years, I wondered if that had changed.

So I continued drinking. Somehow I noticed that they weren’t drinking nearly as much as I was. Finally, I decided to stop beating around the bush. With as much innuendo as I could muster, I accused them of trying to get me drunk so they could take me home and take advantage of me. I was very surprised when Alice said that they were and that, since Max worked at the hotel, they could just take me upstairs to take advantage of me. I held my arms out for them and said that they should take as much advantage as they could.

We left the bar and immediately went to the elevators. Max took us up to one of the top floors where we walked to one of the bigger suites. Max let us in and we walked to the bedroom. Alice and I nervously held each other’s hands while Max called room service and had a bottle of champagne set up to the room.

By the time the champagne arrived, Alice and I weren’t nervous at all. We were on the bed, naked, kissing passionately as Max placed the champagne and ice bucket on a table near the bed. Alice’s body was lovely: she’s five or six inches taller than I am, although she has small beasts like mine. Her nipples were the color of dark roses and I was surprised to see that she had closely trimmed her pubic hair.

Max sat down on the bed and began undressing as Alice kissed her way down my body to my juicy cunt lips. I shivered as Alice lapped at my nether lips. Then she spread my lips with her hand and poked the tip of her tongue just inside me. She moved up and pressed against my throbbing clit and I quickly climaxed. I was awash with the sensation. Alice then pushed her tongue deep inside me again and Max reached over to massage my breasts. I came again, furiously.

Alice withdrew her head from my cunt and smiled up at me. I could barely focus on her as she told me that she’d wanted to do that since school. My vision was hazy, my knees were weak and I felt dizzy. I reached down and ran her dark hair through my hands. I told her I wouldn’t mind doing the same to her, but that I was having troubles moving. She told me it was OK and moved up to straddle my face.

I stared at her pussy and I could see the moisture forming between her folds. I reached out with my tongue, licking at the very top of her slit. As I pressed forward with my tongue, Alice moaned and settled her weight down. I licked, sucked and bit everywhere I could. Her taste was wonderful, and I could have eaten her all night. As I tongued her beautiful cunt, she began to rotate her hips. Her breathing grew shallow and she started panting. When I reached up to push a finger inside her and massage her inner walls, she began climaxing. I felt the spasms in my finger as she clenched her muscles repeatedly.

Then I felt the head of a cock pressing against my cunt lips. Max pushed his prick gently at first and then increased the pressure as my lips parted and allowed him into me. I pushed my tongue up higher into Alice’s wet pussy as Max pushed his dick deeper into my pussy. He went farther than I had felt any man before. I don’t know if he was any bigger than anyone I’d been with before or that I was so caught up in everything going on around me. As soon as he was fully in, I felt my clit push against the base of his dick and I started to climax again. I thought I was going to completely pass out.

It was heaven. I sucked at Alice’s twat as her husband pounded his dick into me. Max began to thrust hard into me with long deep strokes. He pumped in and out of my pussy and all I knew was that I was coming and coming. Every push into me sent shocks throughout my body. I couldn’t breathe anymore; Alice’s cunt on my face was suffocating me. I thought I was going to pass out completely when Alice rolled off my body.

Max pulled my legs up and placed them over his shoulders as he really began to pound into me. Alice turned over and kissed me on the lips, our tongues darting around each other’s mouth. Then she moved her head down and kissed my tits. First she took one nipple into her mouth and bit gently at it. Then she took the other and did the same. All the while her husband fucked me fast and strong.

Then with one final thrust into me, I felt his cock clench and then spasm deep inside my body. I felt as his warm come shoot from his prick into me. He held his body pressed against mine and rocked my body with what I thought were orgasmic spasms that would never end. Every bit of me felt full and finally pulled out and rolled over onto his back, panting. His cock, still semi-erect, was glistening with my juices and his come.

Alice knelt beside her husband and sucked his cock into her mouth. She worked on him, her head bobbing up and down on that prick that had just fucked me, until it began showing signs of life again.

I watched, exhausted, as Alice nursed Max’s dick back to hardness. I felt his come running from me cunt, but was too exhausted to be modest about it. Alice shocked me, once she stopped sucking her husband, when she placed herself right between my legs and began licking away at my slit. I felt her tongue and mouth sucking wildly away at my cunt. She sucked Max’s come from my pussy. It was so unbelievable.

Then I watched as Max moved behind her. Alice looked back and smiled at him as he pushed his cock into her pussy. Then, as he began fucking her, she returned to eating me out. With each of Max’s thrusts, Alice’s head was pushed into my cunt. I began to come again and again and I finally passed out.

When I woke up, I was so weak in the knees that I could barely move. It was completely dark and I could feel and hear Alice and Max in the bed next to me. I smiled to myself and drifted back to sleep, remembering the feeling of Max’s cock in my pussy and the taste of Alice’s pussy.

Since then we’ve gotten together several more times for threesomes. It’s been fantastic and I really envy Max and Alice’s relationship that it’s so easy for them to share each other with me. I feel very lucky to have run into Alice again.


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